Personalisation tips

Which devices can I use to personalise my designs?

We recommend using a PC and a Google Chrome or Firefox browser. We do not advice using a smartphone or tablet.

How do I save my design?

You can save your designs by clicking on the "Save" button. You can save your designs as many times as you like, and rename them as you please to make them easier to find.

Note: your designs will be saved on your account for one month after the latest amendments.

What is a final proof?

A final proof is the definitive mock-up of your personalised design. This is the PDF file that will be used to print your order. Checking this thoroughly before approving it online is therefore essential.

How do I create two different texts on an invitation?

You can create as much text as you like; simply save your various texts under different names and add them to the basket. An automatic 30% discount will be applied to the printing costs of the second and subsequent texts.

Part of my photo appears in the non-printable zone, will it be cut off?

Whilst your photo may overlap into the non-printable zone, your text must not appear in this zone for technical reasons. Don't forget to view your final PDF (button on the toolbar) that shows exactly how your invitation will look when printed.

My text is cut off on my PDF, what should I do?

Go back to your personalisation and check that the text boxes are big enough to contain all your text. Enlarge them if necessary using the arrow on the side of the box.

If the problem persists, please contact our customer service department via the contact form.

I can't see the back of my invitation (or thank you card), what colour will it be?

If there is no personalisation on the back of your invitation or thank you card, it will be white.

How do I personalise name cards?

After clicking on the Personalise button, you can download an Excel file template to fill in with the list of your guests' names. Email this to stating your order number. The graphic design department will then send your final proof by email. Note: the mock-up will only be sent once your order is finalised and paid for.

Designers review: Proofreading and checking of your design

We offer a checking service carried out by our designers. This service costs €9.

This option guarantees that your invitation is proofread by professionals, who will check:

- Your text: spelling, grammar, syntax (in Spanish only, excluding personal data).

- The composition of your text: layout and legibility.

- Your photo(s): quality and layout.

Our team will decide whether to send you a new layout proof.

If you choose this option, you can also receive an e-version of your design to be sent to guests by mail.

Please note that, without this option, your order will be sent straight for printing.

C02 neutral labelled machinery

A label granted to companies that have defined a viable CO2 reduction strategy.

Greener inks for the planet

Our workshop only uses certified, compostable and biodegradable inks.

100% recyclable packaging

Your orders are delivered in 100% recycled material-made packages.

A sustainable paper policy

All our papers are FSC certified, with the option of 100% recycled fibres paper available on a wide selection of our designs

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