Birthday decorations

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, great decorations are essential for creating a festive and memorable atmosphere. No matter how old or young you are, birthday party decorations will always put you and your guests in the mood to celebrate.

High quality birthday party decorations make it easy to celebrate in a sustainable and beautiful way. Cotton Bird now offers a wide range of dynamic, striking, and customisable décor items that can turn any party from mediocre to magnificent in minutes.


Add Sugar And Spice To Your Party With Birthday Decorations


If you are commemorating a birthday by throwing a party, beautiful decorations are a must. Toys, games, and birthday cake are not quite the same without some ornate décor to complement the atmosphere. That’s why Cotton Bird has created a line of birthday party decorations everyone can enjoy.

Whether you are celebrating the birthday of a 5-year-old or a 50-year-old, decorations add that special quality that gets everyone excited and ready to have fun.

Depending on the personality of the birthday boy or girl, you can also use party décor to express their unique personality. After all, birthdays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the things that make them special. From dainty botanicals to bright and bold designs, there is something for everyone.


Four Birthday Party Essentials Everyone Needs


There are certain party decoration essentials every party needs to thrive – and Cotton Bird has got them all (and then some). Look through these top four party must-haves for a great home birthday party.


1. Bunting


It’s not a party until you’ve hung up some bunting! These festive little flags on a string can transform any space into a homemade, kid-friendly fete, carnival, or pow-wow within a matter of seconds – and all it takes is some high quality recyclable paper on baker’s twine.

Cotton Bird’s birthday party bunting comes in an extensive variety of colours, themes, and styles. You can even add personalised photos of the birthday girl or boy to make it more special.

When placing your order, you have the choice of picking between blonde or white and gold baker’s twine. If you like, you can also add Ecru pom poms for an extra bit of razzle-dazzle to the décor. With these unique yet tasteful bunting, your party will have no choice but to be a smash hit.


2. Gift Tags


Gift tags are useful and adorable party décor items that can be used to mark just about anything with the birthday person’s name. From party bags to cutlery to sippy cups, these beautiful gift tags offer a clever way to organise party items in a way that still looks cheerful and bright.

You could even use them to tag birthday presents or party favours. These traditionally shaped paper gift tags are made from sturdy, standard matte paper, and come with optional ribbon or baker’s twine for easy tying onto different objects. Party guests can even keep them as cute little souvenirs for a scrapbook.


3. Cake Toppers


A cake is an important part of every birthday celebration, and it certainly should be a special feature. Cake toppers are a fabulous alternative to traditional plastic figurines or candies, and they add to the festive feel of a party. Cotton Bird’s cake toppers are attractive and attention-grabbing features that can be stuck into any type of cake, tart or cupcake.

Our cake toppers are made of a cute, designer-approved paper flag that’s been threaded onto a food-grade, recyclable wooden stick. Leaving plenty of space for birthday candles, this cake topper is the perfect addition to any birthday celebration.


4. Stickers


If you’re throwing a birthday party that includes surprise party bags, placemats, cups, or toys, customised stickers can come in very handy.

Designed to match your other birthday party stationery, these circular little stickers are as functional as they are delightful. Stick them onto invitations, birthday cards, cups, plates, craft tables, and everything in between for a simple yet charming way to spread a bit of birthday magic.


Customise Your Birthday Party Décor With Cotton Bird


One of the best parts about ordering birthday party decorations from Cotton Bird is that our range boasts varying options for customisation. We also ship to the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, so you can create the party decor of your dreams and have it delivered to your door.

This adds a wonderfully personalised quality to the decorations, making your child, or whoever’s birthday you’re celebrating, feel truly special on their big day. Choose between dozens of beautifully curated designs so that your child’s unique character is captured by their annual celebration.


Make Every Birthday Brilliant With Quality Party Décor


A great birthday party calls for close family members, friends, good food, and a beautiful environment. With Cotton Bird’s variety of exquisite party decorations, anyone can throw a birthday bash that is altogether gorgeous, functional, and unforgettable. Let the celebrations begin!

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