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Wedding invitations are the most important of all the stationery for your big day. Having a clear, well-designed wedding invitation not only means that guests will know exactly when, where, and how to go about attending your nuptials, but it also serves as a symbol of your love.

These beautiful cards offer you and your spouse-to-be a unique opportunity to share a piece of yourselves with your loved ones. With your wedding invitations, you can provide a wonderful insight into who you are as a couple and you can set the tone for what your big day will feel like.


The Importance of a Wedding Invitation


The main function of a wedding invitation is to provide guests with a clear breakdown of the event details. Typically, it includes information about the venue, times, dress code, and a variety of other essential details.

This aspect of a wedding invitation is very practical. In order to attend your wedding, guests must be properly informed about what to expect. With the information a wedding invitation provides, people can plan in advance how to prepare for the event as well as gain insight into what to expect.


The Opportunity To Share Your Story


Wedding invitations are not just about logistics. They should also represent who you are.

With your wedding stationery, but in particular your wedding invitations, you provide special clues about your personalities, relationship story, favourite places, and the kind of future you are creating with your soon-to-be spouse.

Giving your guests these special glimpses into your life as a couple allows them to connect with you on a much deeper level. And when people feel connected, true celebration naturally emerges.


Wedding Invitation Details: What to Include in Yours


To make the most out of your wedding invitation, there are a few crucial details you must include.

While Cotton Bird provides a wide variety of different wedding invitation themes, all of them come with a layout that features the following information:

Some other details you may want to include could be:

These details represent the most commonly included pieces of information your guests may be looking for. By the time they have read through the invitation, you want to make sure they understand exactly where to go, when to go, and whose wedding they are going to!

Ultimately, you want to provide clarity about the basic outline of your wedding and preemptively answer any questions you think people might have about attending it when the big day comes.


When Do I Send My Wedding Invitations?


The answer to this question depends on several factors. If you're having a destination wedding, a good three to four months beforehand is a good time to send off your invitations.

If you are having your wedding close to home and there aren't too many people travelling from far away to attend it, you can send your invitations a little later – between two and three months.


Why Should I Send Out My Wedding Invitations Far In Advance?


The idea behind a wedding invitation is primarily to provide people with ample time to plan their lives around your big day and to make sure they can attend the event. Many people may need to organise childminders, reschedule appointments, or make long-distance travel arrangements.

Well-timed wedding invitations give your loved ones the time they need to make plans and RVSP with certainty that they will be there. By giving people plenty of warning you're also considering their needs, making it easier for them to attend your big day.


What Should My Wedding Invitations Look Like?


When it comes down to it, your wedding is about you and your beloved – not anyone else. Yes, your invitations should factor in certain pieces of information, but they should also serve as an engaging reflection of the happy couple as a unit.

You can showcase your favourite colours, memories, patterns, and themes by choosing a wedding invitation design that ties in with your personality.


Create A Custom Wedding Invite That's Perfectly You


Cotton Bird features an extensive library of local, French-designed wedding stationery that can meet just about everyone's unique sense of style. Your wedding invitations should look and feel the way you and your partner do – whether that's quirky and colourful, or classical and romantic.

You can also personalise select details on every invite to make them uniquely yours. Our invites are superb quality and you can opt to include extra special added details such as ribbons, dried flowers, gold foiling, cutouts and matching envelopes.

Ultimately, when you look at your wedding invitation designs, they should make you and your partner smile. The more you like them, the more your guests will, too!


Set the Tone of Your Big Day with an Informative and Show-Stopping Wedding Invitation


At the end of the day, your wedding invitations play an important role in your celebration. Not only do your invites provide guests with the information they need to attend your event, but they also set the tone for the day as a whole.

By combining practicality with self-expression, you and your partner can choose and customise a wedding invitation that has both logistical and personal value.

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