Wedding table decorations

Wedding receptions are a place to relax and celebrate after the ceremony. Plus, receptions provide the perfect opportunity for you to express your style and personality as newlyweds. And what better way to do this than with stunning wedding table decorations?

Incorporating beautiful decorations on your wedding reception tables adds an extra layer of detail to the whole event, and gives your guests something special to remember the meal by.

But when it comes to wedding table centrepieces, the options are vast. From elegant candelabra to rustic mason jars filled with fairy lights, making decor decisions can take considerable time and planning.

Fortunately, the wide array of options makes choosing your table decorations as exciting as it is daunting – so let's look at the best there are and find something you (and your guests) will adore.


What wedding table decorations should I use?


When choosing table decorations for your wedding reception, you should opt for decor that enhances the visual appeal of the table without obstructing the guests' use of it.

For example, you might want to avoid anything that stands out close to people's faces or takes up too much room on the table. You also want everyone to be able to view the other guests at the table without having their vision obscured.

Essentially, you want something appealing for guests to enjoy looking at while enjoying their meal and the company of those they share the table with.


Stunning Ideas for Wedding Table Decorations


Cotton Bird designs a wide variety of different wedding table decorations, all of which makes for fabulous and feasible centrepieces at any reception table.

Consider the following options when deciding on your dream wedding decorations:




Want to keep things simple and classical? No problem – you don't have to add anything too busy to your tables, a modest and beautiful menu will do the job just fine.

Menus make great wedding table decorations for several reasons.

Firstly, they are useful and informative. Guests love to know what kind of food and drink to expect, so giving them a stunning menu serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

You can find Cotton Bird's range of wedding menus online, which can be ordered to match any other type of wedding décor or stationary on offer. With these menus, you can tantalise your guests' taste buds and provide a wedding table centrepiece to remember.


Sparkler Tags


Cotton Bird's sparkler tags are gorgeous, pre-punctured cards that can be slid onto sparklers for a scintillating dramatic effect. Pop your tags onto your sparklers and keep them in a beautiful jar on the table for stunning wedding table décor your guests won't easily forget.

You could light up these sparkling beauties at any special moment, such as the happy couple's first dance, cutting the first slice of cake, or even as the bride and groom exit for their honeymoon.


Place Cards


If there's anything guests love at a wedding, it's personalisation. Wedding place cards instead of regular table décor encourage guests to feel truly welcomed, while simultaneously providing information about where each person is designated to sit.

Personalised wedding name place cards tick all the boxes for a great table decoration. They're unique, not visually obstructive, and certainly don't get in the way while people are enjoying their meal. Similar to the menu option, they also have the added benefit of being informative.

People love wedding table décor they can take home with them – and name place cards definitely tick that box, too. Your guests will love having their names included in the celebration.


Table Plans


If you love all things order and organisation, a table plan might be the perfect wedding table decoration for you. The wedding table plans that Cotton Bird offers feature a themed table number plus a list of corresponding guest names for each table.

This is another kind of wedding décor that possesses both practical and aesthetic value. You can use it as a darling centrepiece for the middle of your table, acting as both a beacon for wandering guests to follow and as something pretty to look at while they celebrate.


Table Numbers


Not all brides choose to allocate specific seats for their guests, but you can rarely go wrong with a good old-fashioned table number. Having a set of wedding table numbers introduces just enough structure for guests to know which table to sit at, while still allowing for some seating flexibility.

In terms of wedding decorations, table numbers make wonderful additions to any reception. Available in just about every colour, style, or theme, these useful centrepieces will add both visual and practical balance from the moment your guests sit down.


Bottle Labels


Are you and your spouse-to-be big fans of delicious beverages? Ordering a batch of beautiful bottle labels could be the wedding table decoration you have been looking for.

Featuring information such as the bride and groom's name, the date of the wedding, and anything else relevant to your particular celebration, Cotton Bird's bottle labels can be pasted onto any bottles (think wine, water, and everything in between) you set at the reception tables.


Think out Of The Box: Creative Ideas You Can DIY


When planning your own wedding with the person you love, there is every reason to think creatively and go for something that brings you joy and wonder. If a DIY wedding is for you, consider these other centrepiece concepts you can create from home.

When it comes to wedding décor, nobody's opinion matters more than yours and your soon-to-be spouse.

Create a bit of magic at your wedding and give guests something special to remember it by adding customised wedding table décor to your reception.

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