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Wedding favours are a sweet way to show your guests how much you appreciate them sharing your big day. Most people are delighted to receive a favour, especially if it is edible!

These beautifully constructed personalised wedding favour boxes are ideal for filling with chocolates, biscuits, honey, a scented candle, or just about anything else you choose as a parting gift. You can be as creative as you prefer when choosing what to put inside these little boxes. The chances are, your guests will love whatever you decide.

The Significance Of Wedding Favours

Depending on the size of your wedding, there may be people travelling from afar to attend the celebration. Some may have had to organise babysitters for their children, and others may be putting in unseen effort to make sure your big day is as wonderful as you dream of.

Whatever the background, giving back to your guests helps them feel recognised and appreciated for being there. It shows kindness and consideration for all the support you may have received and highlights how much you’ve enjoyed sharing your nuptials with them.

Historically, wedding favours have been used for the same reason; to express gratitude. In 16th century France, newlyweds would gift 'bonbonniere' to their departing guests – a small trinket box filled with luxury treats such as candied almonds and other delicate bonbons.

But while traditional bonbonniere were encrusted in gemstones and crystals, today we take a much simpler and more accessible approach. Cotton Bird’s wedding favour boxes are made from high quality matte paper with an eggshell texture – perfect for filling with a treat of your choice.

What To Put In Your Wedding Favour Boxes?

One of the best parts about these wedding favour boxes is that you can use them for anything you like. You can add whatever you think says thank you in the right way for your big day.

This means that you can customise these favour boxes to fit perfectly into the theme of your wedding, no matter what it might be. Whether you are celebrating your love with glamour and extravagance or the beauty of cosy simplicity, there’s a wedding favour that’s bound to pair perfectly with Cotton Bird’s boxes.

5 Fabulous Favour Ideas

To help you choose the perfect wedding favour for your boxes, here is a list of five different creative ideas that your guests will love to take home.

1. Marshmallows

Soft, fluffy marshmallows are a versatile wedding favour that people of all ages can appreciate. They are also easy to find (or make yourself, if you’re brave) and can be adapted with different flavour combinations for a more interesting treat.

Think raspberry swirl, pistachio nuts, or rich cocoa. Perhaps a flavour from your childhood or one you tried with your fiancé for the first time. Marshmallows come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, making them an ideal wedding favour treat!

2. Shortbread biscuits

Crumbly, buttery shortbread biscuits are another wedding favour winner. Easy to cut into box-friendly shapes, biscuits are a classic delight that never fails to make people smile.

Whether you bake them yourself, ask for help from your mom, or order them from a local bakery, some beautifully decorated shortbread biscuits are bound to go down a treat at any wedding celebration.

3. Planting seeds

Not all wedding favour gifts need to be edible. In fact, sometimes guests appreciate items that last longer than a few minutes or more. Planting seeds are a beautiful, environmentally conscious gift to impart that also serves as a reminder of your and your partner’s growing love.

Pick seeds that can be easily planted and nurtured, such as bean sprouts or kitchen herbs. That way, your guests will be more likely to see a mini-harvest.

4. Meringues

Light, airy, and classically French, meringues are a luxury treat that everyone enjoys. Traditionally made with whipped egg whites and fine white sugar, these charming little delicacies embody all the characteristics of love and celebration you want from a wedding.

5. Candied nuts

If you’re a fan of tradition, why not follow in the footsteps of the French with a selection of candied nuts? A symbol of festivity and luxury, candied nuts were amongst the first wedding favour bonbons to become popular, and have remained so ever since.

Whether you choose almonds, hazelnuts, cashews or pecans, guests are bound to get excited when they open a box with these yummy treats inside.

6. Mini candles

Candles are another one of those items that just about everyone enjoys. Both decorative and functional, mini candles can be used to warm up the inside of someone’s home, add ambience to a romantic dinner, or bring a refreshing scent to any room.

A trend that some couples are picking up on is to create their own signature fragrance to infuse wedding favour candles with. There is a lot of room to play around here and choose a combination that is truly unique to your shared love.

Customise Your Wedding Favour Boxes To Be Uniquely You

Not only can you pick whatever you wish to pop inside your wedding favour boxes, but you’ll also customise them with a special thank you, your names and your wedding date. Some of the available designs allow you to add a photograph too.

Our wedding favour boxes come in several stunning styles to match your theme and they let you add a special personal touch that turns them into more of a souvenir. Your guests will love taking home these little boxes that are a wonderful token of thanks.

Show Gratitude To Guests With A Parting Gift-In-A-Box

While your wedding day should focus on your nuptials, giving a little back to your guests can make the day feel even more special. With Cotton Bird’s customisable wedding favour boxes, you can make guests feel acknowledged, appreciated, and loved.

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