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Wedding stationery is about so much more than just paper. It gives you the tools to help you communicate important information with your guests while still keeping the magic of the celebration alive.

Cotton Bird is committed to creating wedding stationery that delivers both practical and aesthetic value – carefully curating and expressing your unique vision without compromising on beauty or style.

Gorgeous Wedding Stationery Makes A Statement

When people think of wedding stationery, they often think of admin. Writing out menus, organising deliveries, sending out thank you cards, and making sure every word looks perfect. It can be exhausting!

But when you order wedding stationery from Cotton Bird, the process can become a lot easier, and more creatively liberating too. With our beautifully designed wedding stationery, you don’t have to worry about a thing – just provide the basic information, and we will do the rest.

Wedding stationery is important because it brings order and structure to the flow of your wedding. It also answers many of the questions your guests may want to ask before, during, and even after the wedding takes place.

From invitations to RSVP letters, we’ve got it all. Take a look at some of the most popular Cotton Bird wedding stationery that adds something special to your big day:

1. Save the Date

Save-the-dates are a quintessential part of wedding stationery. Sent out ahead of official invitations to ensure that loved ones don’t risk missing out, these helpful little cards play an important role in the planning and preparation of a wedding ceremony. Cotton Bird’s save the date cards include:

Choose from dozens of beautiful save-the-date card options that can fit into whatever design theme you have selected for your wedding. With this important little card, you’ll set the tone for your wedding as a whole and give guests the necessary insight into what’s to come.

2. Evening Invitations

Evening invitations are invitations extended to a limited group of loved ones after the ceremony. Many couples opt for a more private reception in order to keep their celebration intimate and affordable – and these dreamy invitations will make sure that’s exactly what happens. They feature the following details:

With these cleverly constructed invitations, you can have more control over the post-ceremony meal and curate an event that speaks to your and your partner’s most personal preferences.

3. Wedding Stickers

Highly versatile and attractive, wedding stickers are a great way to put your signature style on any souvenirs, trinkets, or favours you hand out to guests. Designed in a neat little circle, these stickers feature the names of the happy couple plus the option for the wedding date.

Stick them on confetti pouches, envelopes, reusable cups, labels – just about anything you like. They are the cutest multipurpose piece of wedding stationery you’ll ever find.

4. Address Labels

Looking for a quick, easy, and stylish way to send out lots of invitations at once? Cotton Bird’s address labels tick all the boxes. With a foldable sticker that includes your details as the sender plus a space to handwrite the guest’s home address, these labels will make invitation prep much easier.


The RSVP is perhaps one of the most important wedding stationery items around. With these crucial little cards, your guests have the opportunity to let you know whether they’ll be attending or not; information you need to plan your event accordingly.

Cotton Bird’s range of classy RSVP cards includes a host of important details and information, including the likes of:

The questionnaire element of this RSVP card pack makes it possible for guests to respond to important questions, such as which type of protein they prefer, whether they’ll be bringing a plus one, and whether their children will be coming with them.

There is also the option to add a unique, customisable question, such as, “what song will get you on the dancefloor?” or some such other query that informs you about how to best accommodate them.

Customisation Is King

It is one thing to have wedding stationery that informs, educates and supports guests throughout the course of your wedding. But it’s another thing to have stationery that reflects your creative vision.

Customisable stationery allows you to express your memories, ideas, and sentiments about both your wedding event and the love you share with your soon-to-be spouse. It’s an opportunity to engage with the guests in a new way and immortalise one of the most important days of your personal history.

Cotton Bird has an extensive library of stylish design options that range from art-deco adorable to contemporary minimalism. Find the above wedding stationery items plus menu cards, thank you cards, and traditional invitations on the easy-to-use website.

Never Miss A Detail With Our Wedding Stationery

If there’s one quality that’s important for any wedding party, it’s attention to detail. But not everyone shares that characteristic, which is why Cotton Bird’s range of wedding stationery can be so useful.

With these beautifully styled pieces of wedding stationery, any couple can streamline the set-up process behind their big day and make sure that every detail is smoothed out, no matter how big or small.

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