Wedding favours

The act of giving a wedding favour to guests is something that we've been doing for thousands of years. Gifting your guests something special to remember your wedding day is a meaningful way to express gratitude for their time, presence, and participation in your ceremony of love.

We love to find creative ways to make your big day as extraordinary as possible. Providing unique wedding favours that show real thought and intention can add an extra layer of excitement to your wedding and encourage guests to feel really valued – even after they go home.


Where and When to Gift Your Unique Wedding Favours


Traditionally, wedding favours are gifted towards the end of a wedding celebration. Similar to a party favour, they signify the closing of the celebration and the gentle migration home.

A popular and easy place to arrange your unique wedding favours is on a table close to the exit route so that no guest misses out on the opportunity to collect one before they leave.

Picking a wedding favour that's altogether unique and memorable is easy with the Cotton Bird collection. Your unique wedding favour can be as simple as a gift tag or as lavish as a box of treats. But at the end of the day, all that truly matters is that you show your friends and family how much you appreciate them being at your wedding. It also gives guests an opportunity to immortalise the day and remember it clearly for years to come.


Fabulous Wedding Favour Ideas



A Biscuit Box


Who doesn't love biscuits? Our biscuit box is an extremely unique party favour that guests from every age group will love to take home.

You choose from elegant, sturdy cardboard boxes that are on theme with your invitations and menu cards and fill them with whatever sweet treats your favourite baker whips up. You could even ask your baker to include your names and wedding date or a sweet message like Made with love on whatever confections you're planning to pop inside.

Gifting your guests these charming little boxes is a clever, crowd-pleasing way to express your appreciation. Of course, you don't have to use these unique wedding favours as biscuit boxes. These stunning boxes can hold just about anything small that's a similar shape, such as a cake of handmade soap, so use your imagination and surprise and delight your guests!


A Favour Box


If you and your soon-to-be spouse want to come up with your own unique take on a wedding favour, look no further! A stylish, compact little box can be used for any unique wedding favour that you like – the options for how to fill them are endless.

You could go down the edible route with macarons, chocolates, or little blocks of nougat, or opt for a more practical parting gift such as growing seeds, or even a small piece of jewellery.

Little cardboard cubes make wonderful gift boxes for just about anything you can imagine. Similar to the biscuit boxes, they can be ordered to match whatever theme you have chosen for your wedding invitations or menu cards.

A favour box is a wonderful option for couples who like to add a more personal touch to their wedding thank-yous. There is so much freedom that comes with these options, you can simply unleash your creativity and leave your unique imprint on the gifts.


Gift Tags


Sometimes, simple is best. We have a selection of beautifully designed gift tags that you can attach to your favours as a small token of your appreciation for their presence. Our gorgeous gift tags can be ordered to match just about any of our available card or invitation themes.

These neat little gift tags make wonderful wedding souvenirs and are also one of the most eco-friendly wedding favour options available. Typically made of supple, sustainable card they're ideal for using in scrapbooks or creative collages once the wedding has come to an end.

A gorgeous gift tag is a perfect way to personalise wedding favours. Slip a silk ribbon or rustic twine through the loop and tie it around a jar of honey, flower posy, a fan, sweets or any other item you're gifting your guests. If you're gifting little bags of seeds you can also include a clever message like let love grow. Let your imagination run wild!


Scented Candles


Scented candles are a great parting gift to send home with your wedding guests. Sweet-smelling, pretty, and useful, just about anyone would be happy to receive wedding favour candles.

To personalise this wedding favour idea even further, you can add a pretty gift tag with your names, the date of your wedding, and even a short message. You can also package your candles in a customised favour box that matches your wedding décor perfectly.

Every time your guests light their candle they'll remember your special day. And, you may even help them to add a touch of romance to their lives too.


The History of Wedding Favours – Why Do We Give Them?


Throughout history, married couples have found creative ways to thank wedding guests for their attendance. French Aristocrats used to give crystal trinket boxes filled with sugar (a symbol of wealth and celebration at the time), and ancient Greek newlyweds would gift sugared almonds to their guests.

Eventually, wedding favours became a popular trend across the globe. People liked the tradition so much that they kept it going throughout ancient times and into the world today.


Make Your Wedding Memorable with Unique Wedding Favours


It's always lovely to leave a wedding feeling like you've played some kind of role in the newlywed's union. Wedding favours give guests a sense of participation and remind them that they are appreciated.

Many guests may have travelled far and wide to attend your wedding, and others will have left you with gifts of their own. Thoughtful wedding favours show that you acknowledge the guest's efforts to make your day special and express your appreciation for the role they have played in your happiness.

Unique wedding favours can also come as a pleasant surprise – especially if they are creative. These clever ideas can further spread joy and delight to any crowd of wedding goers as a simple, yet meaningful demonstration of gratitude.

You can continue the tradition of gifting mementoes to your honoured guests with the range of personalised wedding favours from the Cotton Bird collection.

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