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Relive your most precious memories all year long thanks to our customisable photo calendars. 

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Calendars have been used for thousands of years to help us keep track of time, dates, and events throughout the year – but a customised photo calendar takes this useful piece of stationery to the next level.

Instead of regular designs or images, Cotton Bird’s personalised photo calendars feature photos hand-picked by you. You can fill your calendar with pictures from your favourite memories, parties, and holidays for a practical year-round treat.

The ideal gift for your loved ones or for yourself, a personalised photo calendar brings 365 days of joy.

Choosing a Format and Style for Your Photo Calendar

Cotton Bird offers a range of different templates, styles, and formats for you to select from when ordering a personalised photo calendar. With high quality paper and a library of French-designed illustrations and aesthetics to pick from, it’s easy to find a template that works for you.

When plotting the overall format and design layout of your photo calendar, you have several different options to choose from:

Once you know what size you want to use to create your photo calendar, you can start selecting the images you want to include.

What Makes Personalised Photo Calendars Special?

What makes this unique gift special is the fact that it features photos from your personal life – as opposed to the generic ones you might buy at a general store.

For example, parents always love to see what their children are up to, especially if they live far away. You can keep them close to your heart by giving them a calendar that reminds them of who you are, what you love, and your favourite memories with them.

The same approach can be used for a sibling, a best friend, or a romantic partner. By adding that personalised touch, you show them how much they mean to you on an emotional level.

Depending on the personality of your loved one and what kind of memories they like to look at, you can curate the best photo calendar possible for them, individually.

How Do I Create a Personalised Photo Calendar with Cotton Bird?

Personalised products and gifts have become hugely popular in recent years. With the help of amazing software and technology, creating customisable photo calendars has never been simpler – and Cotton Bird has everything you need to pull it off.

If you like the idea of creating a personalised photo calendar for someone you love (or for yourself!), you can follow these four easy steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Favourite Template

Before you can choose your favourite photos, you’ve got to pick a template from Cotton Bird’s extensive variety of designs. Developed by skilled French designers, these templates come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to make sure you find something that suits your needs exactly.

There are classical, elegant styles, quirky illustrative ones, and everything in between. The only thing they have in common is that they are all original and all ensure your photos are the stars of the show.

Step 2: Personalise Your Template

Next is the personalisation phase. This will include being shown a digital version of the template you chose, with the ability to insert, edit, and adjust the positioning of your photos. Depending on the design you choose, you can change elements like the cover image, cover text, and colours, and even insert personalised messages.

Now is the time for you to really get creative. Think about the person you are giving it to and what kind of themes they would like to see in their customised calendar.

This step might take some time to get right, but that’s fine. Just remember to order your photo calendar with enough time to make the adjustments you want, especially at peak seasonal times such as Christmas and New Year.

Step 3: Place Your Order with Cotton Bird

Once you are happy with the layout and formatting of your beautifully personalised photo calendar, you can go ahead and place your order with Cotton Bird.

Before checking out, why not bulk up your order with some similarly delightful gifts? Cotton Bird offers many other exciting and customisable products such as mini photo albums, Christmas cards, and advent calendars filled with organic chocolates.

Step 4: Have Your Calendar Delivered To Its New Home

After your order has been successfully submitted and paid for, you’ll be given an estimated delivery date for your photo calendar. Once that part is done, all that’s left to do is wait patiently for it to be delivered safely to your door. Cotton Bird delivers to the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Delight Your Loved Ones with a Personalised Photo Calendar This Year

There is something inherently delightful about being given a gift made especially for you. A calendar that includes photographs from your most special memories is sure to make anyone happy, which is why these customisable photo calendars are so popular throughout the year.

Next time you aren’t sure which gift to go with, take a look through Cotton Bird’s exquisitely designed photo calendar templates. You can choose a photo calendar that shows your loved ones just how much you care, every day of the year.

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