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Discover our ideas to enhance your wedding ceremony and make it even more unforgettable.

Wedding table decorations

Wedding décor is one of the first things your guests will notice when they arrive. It sets the tone for the whole event, and gives people an insight into the unique personalities of the happy couple. With the right décor, you can curate a wedding experience that is unforgettable.

Cotton Bird is passionate about providing people with the tools they need to create beautiful, memorable, and stirring ceremonies that set a strong precedent for their future as a married couple.


Cotton Bird’s Extensive Range Of Wedding Décor Options


Great wedding décor should be cohesive, visually appealing, and reflective of your and your partner’s inner nature. It’s an opportunity to express your love for one another and give guests an insight into your personalities, memories, and aspirations for the future.

For these reasons, it’s important to consider your wedding décor with much care and attention. This is one of (if not the most) important events of your life – and it deserves to be represented with the utmost clarity and deliberation.

To make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible, Cotton Bird has a superb variety of different décor options that helps you to achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Some of our stunning wedding décor options include:


1. Wedding Signs


A wedding sign is a decorative sign with a very important purpose. These signs welcome guests and remind them of the reason why this special event is taking place: the marriage of two beloved individuals.

Cotton Bird’s wedding signs are all designed to include a simple but elegant “Welcome” message, the date of the wedding, and the names of the happy couple. This serves as an introductory sign that encourages people to remember the event and lets them know they’re at the right place.

For the sake of uniqueness and individuality, Cotton Bird features dozens of different wedding sign templates so that you can pick one that perfectly matches the colour palette, theme, and overall atmosphere of your big day.


2. Order of Service pamphlets


We all know how frenzied weddings can become without proper structure and organisation. An order of service pamphlet ensures that guests are always informed about the procession of events, and can relax in the comfort of knowing exactly what’s happening now, and what’s happening next.

The front of an order of service pamphlet typically includes the following details:

The inside of an order of service pamphlet includes information about the timing and order of events within the ceremonial sequence. Such as:

With the stunning layout and design options made available by Cotton Bird, your guests can sit back, relax, and revel in the beauty of your wedding.


3. Confetti Cones


Cotton Bird’s elegant confetti cones can be used for so much more than just confetti. Fill them up with dried lavender, rose petals, rice, or any other pretty thing you like, and hand them out to guests for a shower of love on your post-ceremony procession.

When ordering this delightful piece of wedding décor, you can choose between dozens of different designs, colours, and themes. The names of the happy couple can also be printed on the inside.

Made with high quality matte paper, Cotton Bird’s confetti cones are a fun, interactive way to emulate the age-old tradition of wishing newlyweds good luck on their special day.


4. Fan Wedding Programs


Like the idea of an order of service pamphlet, but prefer something more multi-purpose? A fan wedding program could be your solution. These charming programs contain all the information your guests need to keep up with the sequence of events, while simultaneously providing them with a handy fan to stay cool.

You can personalise your fan wedding programs to include your names, the date, and any details you think are relevant to your special day. If your celebration is in summer, guests will love having access to such a stylish and useful wedding program.


5. Wedding Bunting


Bunting has been a consistent favourite for wedding décor throughout the ages. Simple but highly effective, those delicate little flags on twine can turn even the most humble of environments into a celebration haven.

Cotton Bird’s wedding bunting garlands come in a wide range of unique colours and styles, allowing you to pick one that truly ties in with the atmosphere of your big day. String them up inside, outside, or anywhere you like for an instant visual pick-me-up for everyone to enjoy.


Make Your Wedding Wonderful With The Right Décor


Wedding décor is what brings the day to life. It helps you bring your creative vision to life and gives guests the opportunity to get to know you and your new spouse that much better.

From flowers to cake to the welcome sign at the door – it all serves as a testament to your shared love and life together as a team. With Cotton Bird’s wedding décor, you and your guests can enjoy an event that is as beautiful as it is meaningful.

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