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Every home needs a few items that make it feel comfortable and unique. Stationery, children’s posters, personalised frame prints and other home décor items can take a regular space and turn it into something truly special – one that has everything you need to live your life in freedom and creativity.

It’s often the little details of a room that make it feel warm and welcoming. With Cotton Bird’s range of beautiful home décor, you can add the finishing touches to your living space and create an environment that is both functional and beautiful.


Everyone needs a great-looking notebook in their lives. From making shopping lists to jotting down your feelings after a long day, a beautiful notebook is the kind of thing you rely on to capture your original thoughts and ideas before they slip away.

Notebooks are a great addition to any home because they can be used for a multitude of purposes. They are also small and compact, making them easy to travel with no matter where you are.

Cotton Bird is passionate about providing beautiful, unique, high-quality home stationery for this very reason. You can find two main different types of notebooks in our online store:

Both the spiral notebook and fabric notebook come with lined pages and are available in a wide variety of different colours, making them the ideal gift for any stationery lover. Regardless of age, gender, or personality, just about everyone can benefit from having a beautiful notebook in their home.

Personalised Frame Prints

One impactful way to make your living space light up is to put framed photo prints on the walls. A personalised frame print from Cotton Bird’s collection encourages you to relive precious moments with the ones you love and reflect on the value they bring into your life.

You simply select the photo you’d like to use, choose between a landscape or portrait format, and Cotton Bird makes a print on high quality paper for you to decorate your home.

All the prints come with authentic oak frames and the option to add a personalised inscription. You can reminisce your best memories with a stunning personalised frame print and decorate your home at the same time.

Posters for Children

If you share a house with young children, you know how important it is to have fun items for them to play with, look at, and enjoy. Many children are visual learners, so having colourful, engaging posters around the house can help develop their interpersonal skills and even aid learning.

Cotton Bird’s extensive range of brightly coloured posters is designed specifically with children in mind and features friendly creatures, fruits, flowers, letters, and numbers to spark their imagination. There’s a style here to suit every child’s personality.

After choosing from the wide variety of delightful poster designs, you have the option to add a natural oak frame for added stability and visual appeal. There are also three different sizes to choose from, so you can tailor the poster to your and your child’s preferences exactly.

Teaching Cards

Teaching cards are cute little card sets designed to help children familiarise themselves with the big wide world. Cotton Bird has adorable and unique teaching card sets that help teach children about good habits, the alphabet, the different colours of the rainbow, and other foundational topics.

With these clever cards, you can cosy up with your little one and learn about the world in a friendly and fun way. Cotton Bird’s cards are available in smooth satin matte paper and come in a soft cotton pouch.

Teaching cards can be used as an interactive, enjoyable, and educational tool for bonding with children and imparting useful knowledge about life. This is the kind of home décor that looks adorable and has enormous practical value at the same time.

The Message Box

When you feel nostalgic, there is nothing better than looking through a few personalised Polaroid-style photos. These message boxes contain a set of customised photographs, complete with personalised messages for the ones you love.

Message boxes make the perfect gift for a loved one you don’t see very often yet want to remain close to on an emotional level. Hang them on the wall, stick them on the fridge or peg them onto some bunting for a unique piece of sentimental home décor.

Simply select twelve of your favourite photos with personalised messages to go alongside them, and Cotton Bird will turn them into a charming box set of retro-style images to be looked at any time you want to feel close to those you love.

Heartwarming Home Décor For The Whole Family

Every home needs a touch of personalisation. These unique yet stylish home décor items are both beautiful to look at and meaningful to the heart – making them the perfect addition.

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