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Even though guests are likely more than delighted to attend your wedding, participating in such a big event can take its toll in other ways. Some guests may be travelling a long distance, booking time off work, paying for babysitters, or making an extra effort to get you a gift you really wanted.

A word of thanks and a token of your appreciation is a wonderful way to show your guests you appreciate their presence and have taken their loving contributions to heart.

If you want to express your gratitude for their presence and the effort they went to to be a part of your celebration, a gorgeous wedding thank you card is a great choice. If they're inclined, guests can keep these cards as a memento of your wedding, and as a reminder of how much you appreciated having them there.

Why Saying “Thank You" is So Important After a Wedding

Weddings are about families coming together in unity and love. Whether you've opted for a grand ball wedding with hundreds of guests, or a cosy back garden tea party with just family, chances are your loved ones have supported you throughout the planning, organising, and set-up of the ceremony.

From the aunt that baked your reception cupcakes to the old school friend that helped you with a venue booking, weddings are the kind of occasion that calls for everyone to take part. And while most loved ones are happy to help out regardless of compensation, little acts of gratitude can serve as a powerful reminder that you see them and appreciate their efforts – big and small.

Wedding thank you cards make wonderful tokens of appreciation after the big day is over. These cards symbolise the end of one era and the beginning of a new one.

What to Include in Your Specialised Wedding Thank You Cards

To make the most of your wedding thank you cards, there is a layout you can follow. Cotton Bird's superb range of cards is available in a wide variety of different colours, aesthetics, and design choices, allowing you to create a card that matches the atmosphere of your celebration. Some of our 100% French-made cards even come with the option for front and back personalisation.

The most important details to include on the front section of a wedding thank you card are:

The front section of a wedding thank you card serves more as a statement and title piece so that guests know what they're looking at as soon as they lay their eyes on it. On the back of your card, you can add a longer message of gratitude for an extra special personal touch.

The back of your thank you card should mainly include:

The combination of kind words, beautiful photos, and commemorative information gives your guests something unique to remember the big day by and lets them know you appreciate their efforts in making it special. Who doesn't like a warm “thank you" after attending a wedding?

Where and When to Give Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards should be sent out to your guests sooner rather than later. If you receive a gift from a guest that isn't able to attend your wedding the recommended timeframe to send a thank you is around two weeks.

However, for guests that do attend the wedding, thank you cards are generally sent out up to three months after your big day. Any later than this isn't a huge issue, but it is better to stick to the shorter timeframe if possible. Your guests understand that there's a lot of activity after a wedding, so they don't expect a thank you immediately.

You can choose to post your thank you cards or you can hand deliver them. The choice is yours and will of course depend on where you and your guests live.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Saying thank you is one thing, but saying it in a way that reflects your and your spouse's unique personalities is another. Sharing a message that is indicative of your personal style is part of what makes a wedding memorable, which is why Cotton Bird offers so many different stylistic options.

From classical French designs to colourful, contemporary ones we have a style to suit just about every aesthetic. When your guests see a part of your personality in their thank you card, it can add that much more meaning to the interaction.

Capture a piece of your heart in one of our wedding thank you cards and express your gratitude in style – your style!

Spread Love and Gratitude with Our Range of Wedding Thank You Cards

Weddings are about love, unity, and loved ones coming together to celebrate your union. Your wedding thank you cards should reflect this, and the gratitude you feel for having special people in your life to celebrate with.

Showing just how much you appreciate your family and friends is easy with an elegant customised wedding thank you card from Cotton Bird. Add your personal touch when saying thank you and you'll ensure that everyone knows how filled with gratitude you are.

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