Gift-giving can be stressful, even when you know the recipient well. Finding something that is both meaningful and useful is not always easy. However, there are some gifts that tick all of the boxes, and more.

A personalised calendar is a unique stationery item that pairs the magic of memories with the practicality of a yearly timetable. With high quality paper, fully customisable options, and free delivery, Cotton Bird's personalised calendars are an exceptional choice.

These gifts can be especially meaningful for those in long-distance romantic relationships, or who are living far away from family or friends. Each month unfolds a new cherished memory, a new source of comfort and inspiration to draw from. You simply cannot go wrong with a personalised calendar!

Different Types of Personalised Calendars from Cotton Bird

In addition to choosing your own images, designs, and general theme, the personalised calendars at Cotton Bird are available in an even wider variety of options.

Cotton Bird's range of personalised calendars are all customisable, so you can decide which photo to upload for every 12 months of the year. All calendars are made using high quality paper, and French-designed typography and illustrations for aesthetic balance.

All you need to do is pick the type of calendar you prefer, place your order, and upload the pictures you'd like to use – everything you need to make your calendar perfect, all the way from January to December.

Why Personalised Calendars Make Great Gifts

There are a number of reasons why personalised calendars have consistently been one of the top gift ideas for so long. A regular calendar is useful on its own, but by adding photos of your favourite memories and experiences, you've got a gift that is truly surprising and special.

Cotton Bird has successfully printed hundreds of personalised calendars for clients, all of which make a personal connection to those receiving them as a gift.

Here are some more reasons why personalised calendars make great gifts for the ones you love:

1. Helps keep track of time

Calendars have a very practical purpose: to help us track and manage time throughout the year. Giving a personalised calendar to someone will allow them to schedule their plans better and keep a close eye on deadlines, goals, and milestones.

No matter who you are or what you do, a calendar is an extremely useful tool for staying on track with the year's events and maintaining a stronger grip on the yearly timeline.

2. Remember important dates

From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, everyone has important dates to remember. A calendar helps people to keep those monumental occasions in mind and avoid missed celebrations. This can be particularly helpful for those with a penchant for forgetfulness!

3. Adds something special to your desk

If you opt for a desk calendar, the person you gift it to will be able to place it in their workspace. Many people like to put photographs of their friends and family at work to remind them of the important things in life – and a personalised calendar is no different.

4. Fresh inspiration every month

Instead of looking at the same framed photo prints every day, imagine that every month you opened a fresh one. It's a wonderful way to kick-start each month of the calendar year.

With a personalised calendar, you can appreciate looking at a new photograph every month, bringing to mind a special memory or occasion. This can keep people inspired and connected to their loved ones, especially if they live far away.

Show Loved Ones How Well You Know Them with a Unique Calendar

What makes a personalised calendar special is the fact that it factors real connection into each month that passes. Regular calendars still make great practical gifts, but personalised ones tap into a more emotional and heartfelt part of a relationship.

With so many different options for customisation, you can create a calendar that both reflects your loved one's personality and helps them track the year at the same time. Or, you can even create a personalised calendar as a gift for yourself that will make you smile all year round!

The gift of a personalised calendar is always special - no matter who it's for. Cotton Bird makes creating a stunning personalised calendar easy, and the end result is 365 days of joy.

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