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When you’re getting married you want to share the occasion with all your favourite people. However, it’s not always possible to have all of your guests attend every part of your celebration. If this is the case, evening wedding invites are the perfect solution.

A wedding evening invitation ensures that while the guestlist for your ceremony can be as long as you’d like, the reception and meal thereafter includes only your closest family members and friends.


What Are Evening Wedding Invites?


An evening wedding invite is a special, second invitation that you’ll give to your inner circle of friends and family. While all the guests receive a regular invitation to the marriage ceremony, only a select number of special people receive an evening invitation for the reception or meal that comes afterwards.

This elegant invitation ensures that your guestlist remains concise, and you reserve the most intimate part of the celebration for people who love and know you best.

An evening wedding invite can be very useful for soon-to-be-spouses who have a lot of extended friends and family attending the ceremony but who want to keep the reception small and familiar. That way, nobody gets left out of the ceremony, but only your nearest and dearest have the privilege of attending the post-ceremony meal.


What Cotton Bird’s Wedding Evening Invitations Include


To make your wedding as perfect as possible, Cotton Bird has a wide range of beautiful evening invitations to choose from.

Each invitation is printed on high quality paper and can be customised to feature different fonts, designs, or motifs that suit your wedding’s exact style. The available formats are also customisable, but each invitation is made to feature the following information:

Our evening wedding invites also include free envelopes to match, making your stationery all the more aesthetically appealing.

When reading these evening wedding invites, close family and friends will immediately understand where to go after the ceremony and what to expect from the reception. This eliminates any confusion and ensures your post-ceremony reception meal is as wonderful and intimate as you planned.


Customisation Is King (Or Queen)


One of the many attractive aspects of Cotton Bird’s range of evening wedding invites is how customisable and adaptable they are. With such a wide variety of different designs and format options, you’ll always be able to find one that reflects who you are and what your wedding represents with ease.

Being able to customise your invitations to this extent means that your wedding stationery will fit your overall theme, creating a harmonious visual and aesthetic atmosphere for your event.

At Cotton Bird, you can browse through page after page of different designs, including exquisite florals, quirky illustrations, charming botanicals, and sophisticated gold print and foiling.

All of Cotton Bird’s wedding evening invitation options are designed by expert designers committed to providing you with stunning, unforgettable creations. With such a far-reaching design library to choose from, your wedding will look and feel gorgeous from every angle.


Why You Need Evening Wedding Invites


An evening wedding invite is so much more than just a pretty piece of paper. It serves the important function of letting your close friends and family know about the post-ceremony reception.

If you and your partner are very sociable and have a long guestlist but have booked a smaller venue it might be difficult to accommodate everyone at the reception. However, it’s not necessary to invite everyone back for the post-ceremony meal. Most guests will be happy to simply attend your ceremony – the reception can be happily reserved for parents, siblings, best friends, and anyone with whom you share a particularly close relationship.

Perhaps you have a lot of friends and acquaintances that you’d like to invite to the ceremony but aren’t quite close enough with to invite to the reception. Inviting a smaller group of family members and friends to an evening reception is perfectly acceptable and not at all uncommon. You and your partner are entitled to reserve the post-ceremony reception for as small or big a group as you would like.

An evening wedding invite gives you the power to assert more control over the reception dinner (or lunch or breakfast) and makes sure your big day - and night - as a whole runs smoothly.


Personalised Evening Invitations Keep Your Wedding Intimate


It’s your wedding – you and your partner have every right to be selective about who partakes in the after-ceremony reception. Keeping your wedding reception an intimate occasion is a great way to enjoy your celebratory meal with the ones you love.

Cotton Bird’s extensive range of evening wedding invite designs are ideal for helping couples to curate a guestlist that meets their needs and keeps their meal cosy, close-knit, and unforgettable.

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