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Who doesn't love a good birthday party? The excitement of seeing friends and sharing indulgent foods can only rival one other great feeling: the delight of receiving an invitation!

Birthday party invitations make us feel included, appreciated, and loved. Knowing that somebody wants you to be there on their special day can be a very affirming feeling, especially for a child.

Our extensive range of birthday party invitations can suit just about every party theme – no matter who your child is or what kind of things they like best. With Cotton Bird's creative birthday party invitations, you can make dozens of youngsters happy before they even put on their party shoes.

Birthday Party Invitation Etiquette

Sending out birthday invitations to the parents of your child's friends is both a fun and informative way to announce your child's upcoming birthday celebration.

It gives parents time to prepare for the party and ensures that nobody gets left out of the festive plans.

What To Include In Your Birthday Invitation

Traditionally, the information included in birthday party invitations is as follows:

Well-designed birthday party invitations should incorporate this information in a clear and legible font. This is the best way to make sure the birthday party runs as smoothly as possible.

We have created a broad range of birthday party invitations that are altogether clear, joyful, and creative enough to inspire childlike excitement at any age.

Pick the Perfect Card for Your Child's Personality

Just like adults, children love to feel appreciated for what makes them unique. You can celebrate your child's individuality by picking a card that matches their personality and encourages them to build confidence in themselves. It also provides new friends with an opportunity to get to know them better.

We have more than a hundred customisable children's birthday party invitation cards that all cater to different themes, styles, and personality types.

Whether your child likes bright, bold colours or soft and gentle ones, there is bound to be an invitation design that puts a smile on their face – there's simply something for everyone. Take a look through these popular personality types and some corresponding ideas to spark some inspiration.

For the Sea Babies
If your child comes to life at the seaside, picking a birthday party invitation design that reflects that passion will surely make them glow. Aquatic-themed cards that feature friendly whales, ships, and seaweed set the tone for an oceanic birthday experience that all the children will love.

For the Littlest Lambs
A one or two-year-old doesn't generally have a strong style preference, but that doesn't mean you can't find an invitation card that doesn't reflect their innocence and lovable nature. Beautiful birthday invitation cards that incorporate gentle, tender themes are a great choice for parties for young children.

For the Quirky Kid's Birthday
If your child marches to the beat of their own eccentric drum, something quirky and bold might be right up their alley. With big, bright colours and quirky character features, there are plenty of kid's invites that celebrate the raving individual.

For the Flower Fanatics
There are plenty of flower power kids around, which is why we make sure to always stock birthday party invitations that include beautiful blooms. If your child is a nature-lover, picking a card that features roses, daisies, and vines is sure to bring them joy.

For the Dinosaur Lovers
The dino-demand is pretty high on the playground, which is why this theme is a classic choice for any child's birthday party invitation. From stegosauruses to pterodactyls, dinosaur-themed birthday invitations are always a hit with kids.

For the No-Fuss Child
Not every child likes to be the centre of attention. If your child is a tender, quiet one with no particular party preference, there's something in the Cotton Bird collection for them too. There are loads of birthday party invitation themes that are simple, pretty, and elegant, making everyone's job easy.

For the Fairytale Princes and Princesses
Many children are enchanted by fantastical stories of magic, which is why several of our birthday invitation themes feature classic fairytale creatures. If your child is a dreamer at heart with a penchant for the surreal make sure you pick the perfect invite to reflect this.

Make Every Birthday Count with Our Customisable Cards

Our birthday party invitation cards are customisable, so you can personalise the theme you choose with your child's name and the party details. You can even add a cute photo of them! The in-house designs we come up with are completely original and custom-made, guaranteeing memorable, high-quality results each time.

Personalised birthday party invitations make great keepsakes and scrapbook material – you can even add them to a personalised photo album. No matter how old your child is turning, commemorating their age milestone is a great way to build confidence and show them the importance of celebration.

Spread Joy With Unique Birthday Party Invitations

Birthdays are a time to celebrate growth. Throwing a party gives us and our loved ones the opportunity to reflect on all the changes that have occurred over the past year, and celebrate all the milestones.

Our wide variety of unique birthday party invitations makes it easy for you to organise a celebration of any size, featuring just about any theme. With these dreamy designs, you can be sure to cherish every moment, from the planning to the partying.

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