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RSVP cards play a very important role in any wedding celebration. Knowing exactly who and what to expect on your big day helps you plan more accordingly, and gives you a better idea of how the event will play out. When it comes to wedding stationery, RSVPs are the glue that binds them all together.

For the sake of consistency, your wedding RSVP cards should match your wedding invitations and hint at the style and aesthetic you will be incorporating into your décor.

Let’s take a closer look at the functions that an RSVP serves and why Cotton Bird’s range is the best of the bunch.

What Goes Into A Wedding RSVP Card?

A wedding RSVP card gets delivered alongside a traditional wedding invitation. RVSP cards have a mini-questionnaire for guests to fill in, giving you clues about their availability and other details.

Knowing what kind of dietary preferences your guests have, how many children they might be bringing, and other key pieces of information allow you and your wedding planner to best prepare for them in advance. Cotton Bird’s wedding RSVP cards include the following items:


Questions (customisable):

Because Cotton Bird’s wedding RSVP cards are customisable, there is also the option to add a fun question such as, “which song will get you on the dancefloor?” or, “what’s your favourite cocktail?” This gives you the opportunity to curate a wedding that meets the needs of as many guests as possible.

Each of the wedding RSVP cards in Cotton Bird’s range are made out of standard matte paper, while certain designs come with special additions like gold foil or embossments.

The Importance Of A Wedding RSVP Card

Even though you and your partner should be the primary focus of your wedding day, considering other people’s needs is always a lovely gesture of appreciation. Plus, happy guests mean a happy event!

By asking guests to fill in these questions and provide a firm response, the rest of the wedding planning can go forth more smoothly. Heads can be counted, dishes can be ordered, chairs can be hired, and waiting staff can be more prepared.

Another important function of a wedding RSVP card is that you can strategise the layout of each table. Most weddings feature carefully thought-out place names for each table, which are essential for making sure each guest sits with an appropriate gathering of people.

For example, you may want to organise a children’s table, a singles table, or a family-only table. Knowing who’s attending your big day gives you a clearer picture of how to assemble each grouping of guests and ensures that everyone in attendance feels comfortable, considered, and at ease.

Wedding RSVPs Are A Historic Affair

RSVP cards have been used for centuries to help party planners better organise their events. The acronym was first coined in France, where people would mark their letters “répondez s'il vous plait”, which means, “respond, if you please.”

This kind gesture benefits both parties. The guest gets to confirm their attendance at the event, and the host is provided essential information about who to expect on the big day.

Even though RSVPs can be used for any sort of event, weddings are perhaps the most common kind of party they are used for. After all, weddings are often large, important affairs that rely on information like this to ensure that every guest (no matter how young) is looked after.

Customise Your Wedding RSVP Cards

When it comes to wedding stationery, consistency is crucial. You want to use RSVP cards that mimic the unique styles and atmosphere you intend to use at the wedding. Cotton Bird’s wedding stationery range is available in a variety of different design sets, helping you organise your big day in the most beautiful way.

For example, if you select a Cotton Bird wedding invitation design, it will be easy to find an RSVP card that matches it exactly. Your wedding RSVP cards also come with free envelopes to match and Cotton Bird delivers to the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. So once you pick an aesthetic, most of the work is already done!

The sheer range of styles is also something you can use to your advantage. From elegant florals to minimalistic chic, there’s something for everyone at Cotton Bird. You can also find save the dates, name place cards, table number cards, and much more.

Unify Your Ceremony With Beautiful Wedding RSVP Cards

Organisation and unity are important components of a happy, successful wedding. With the right RSVP wedding cards, your special day can become more structured and prepared to handle the variety of guests expected to be in attendance – leaving you more time and energy to have the time of your life.

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