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Weddings are about community, celebration, and love. When your loved ones enter your wedding venue, you want them to feel your joy and appreciation for their presence.

One way to express your gratitude and make sure every guest feels welcomed is to use a wedding welcome sign. These beautiful signs not only serve the practical purpose of showing people that they've arrived at the heart of the celebration, but they also make people feel valued.

Why Having a Wedding Welcome Sign is Essential

Welcome signs are one of the most important functional decor items you'll need at a wedding. They are one of the most highly requested sign types for weddings all over the world and for good reason.

The welcome sign is the first sign that your guests will see – so it sets the tone for the whole event. When people see it at the entrance to your wedding, you want it to hint at what kind of atmosphere they are about to become immersed in for the rest of the celebration.

It also typically signifies the entrance point of the wedding as guests are arriving, so it plays a crucial role in guiding everyone to the right place. Without a sign, it might be difficult for guests to know exactly where they are meant to be heading.

All in all, a wedding welcome sign helps direct people to the correct entrance, sets the tone for the style of the wedding, and adds warmth to the process of receiving your loved ones.

What Every Good Wedding Welcome Sign Should Include

Wedding welcome signs should be informative, aesthetically pleasing, and a reflection of the style that you and your partner have chosen for the event. But while you should embrace your creative side with regard to the typography and colour palette, there is some information that every sign should include.

As long as you have these features on your wedding welcome sign, it will be able to fulfil its role as a beacon for your guests to follow. You want people to be able to look at your sign and form a clear idea about where to go, what to expect, and what kind of environment they're walking into.

Where to Position Your Wedding Welcome Sign

In addition to featuring the right information, your wedding welcome sign should be positioned in such a way that people can see it from multiple angles and at a distance.

The most important part of positioning your welcome sign is to make it easily visible to oncoming guests. This could be at the opening of a building, by an entrance gate, or anywhere that guests will encounter as they arrive at the event.

Cotton Bird's extensive range of wedding welcome signs come with the option of being mounted in an oak frame for support, so you can rest assured that your sign will sit securely wherever you choose to position it. This also allows you to easily pin it up on a wall for extra stability.

If you want to add a patterned mount to position it on a table or flat surface, we have that option too. Depending on the venue you are using for your wedding, you might have to get creative about how and where you place this important sign.

Picking the Perfect Wedding Welcome Sign for Your Big Day

Cotton Bird prides itself on offering a wide range of different styles and designs so that you can choose a wedding welcome sign that cohesively intertwines with your wedding theme. We have an option for everyone – all you need to do is pick one that resonates with you and your partner.

All of Cotton Bird's wedding welcome signs are also fully customisable to share other messages with your guests too. You have the ability to add distinctive text, such as “Sit wherever you want", “Drinks this way", or “Send us on our honeymoon". The options are endless. Whatever message you want to share or directions you want to give can be done in style.

There is also the option to invent a completely original text that we can add especially for you. You and your partner could take that as an opportunity to send a personalised message to your guests, or simply add some useful information about the celebratory sequence.

Choose a Wedding Welcome Sign that Reflects Your Personality

Coming up with an overarching theme for your wedding is a personal affair, and should reflect the unique style of the happy couple. Similar to decorating your home, the way you design your wedding stationery should be an ode to everything you love.

Picking a welcome sign that ties in well with your chosen theme helps exemplify the atmosphere and create an event that is magical to look at and feels rich with meaning at the same time.

Every couple is so different, which is why our wide range of wedding welcome signs come in just about every colour, style, and mood you could imagine. Your wedding is about you and your partner – so pick the elements that bring you two the most joy and satisfaction.

Point Your Guests in the Right Direction with a Wedding Welcome Sign

A good wedding welcome sign plays a vital role in any big day. Whether you're getting married on a sunny beach or in a centuries-old cathedral, people will always appreciate a little bit of guidance during your ceremony and reception.

With the help of our beautiful wedding welcome sign range, you can both extend a warm welcome to your guests and help prompt them in the right direction at the same time.

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