Why do we use cookies and other tracking methods?

What are cookies?

Whenever you visit the website, your browser records browsing details for your device (computer, tablet, phone). Cookies are text files that are stored in your browser.  They ensure the website is able to recognise your browser for as long as they remain valid, and send the website some information such as your session ID and language preference.


There are two types of cookie:

  • Session cookies, which disappear as soon as you leave the website.
  • Persistent cookies, which remain on your device until they expire or until they are deleted by changing the settings in your browser.


Only the cookie issuer can read or edit the information stored in its cookies. The website notifies you of any cookies stored on your device.


By law, only cookies that are necessary to the proper functioning of the website can be stored on your device without your consent.

What other tracking methods might be used?

Websites might also use invisible pixels (known as beacons, bugs and tags). These are miniscule graphics embedded in the website


that collect technical details such as your IP address or the type of device used, as well as information on your browsing activity, such as the date and time you checked a page. They may also be used to deposit a third-party cookie to then re-send this information to a server.

Why are cookies and tracking used?

Some cookies are key to ensuring a website runs smoothly.

Others allow us to offer a premium personalised user experience, and to improve how our website and communications perform by analysing users’ browsing data.

And finally, some tracking methods allow us to send you more directly relevant communication about external websites via ads based on what your interests are likely to be.

Cookies and tracking methods used at Cotton Bird

At Cotton Bird, we use four main types of cookies or tracking methods.

Your consent applies to the following URLs: and You can disable tracking cookies that aren’t essential to the website running smoothly at any time.


In addition to those used on our website, some tracking cookies may be incorporated into our newsletters and other electronic communications to measure the impact of our marketing campaigns and how recipients are engaging with their content.

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies help make a website useable by activating key functions such as page browsing and access to secure areas of the website. Websites cannot function without them.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used for statistics, helping us improve how the Cotton Bird website performs. They allow us to analyse and measure the website’s audience based on visitors’ browsing information.

  • Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics
    • How you use the website (pages visited, time spent on each, etc.).
    • Your IP address.
    • Traffic source.
  • Content Square
    • How you use the website (pages visited, button clicks, text blocks, etc.).
  • Zendesk
    • How you interact with the help form.
  • Omnisense
    • How you use the website (pages visited).

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies ensure personalised advertising messages are displayed on third-party websites external to Cotton Bird. These cookies collect anonymous data that is only ever used in the context of our advertising campaigns.

  • Google Ads Tag
    • Orders on our website after clicking on an ad
    • Pages visited
  • Microsoft Tag
    • Orders on our website after clicking on an ad
    • Pages visited
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking
    • Orders on our website after clicking on an ad
    • Pages visited
  • Pinterest Tag
    • Orders on our website after clicking on an ad
    • Pages visited
  • Omnisense
    • Orders on our website after clicking on an ad
    • Pages visited

Social media cookies

These cookies make it easier for visitors to interact on various social media platforms from our website, in particular with respect to sharing content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Pinterest


Personal data protection

Cotton Bird may process some personal data concerning you in its capacity as Data Officer, in the context of it using cookies and other tracking methods.


Cookies and other tracking methods used by third parties are managed by external Data Officers. If you accept these cookies, personal data concerning you may be processed.

How these cookies and other tracking methods are issued and used is governed by their own specific data privacy protection policies, as follows:


  • Content Square:
  • Facebook:
  • Google Analytics:
  • Google Ads:
  • Microsoft Ads:
  • Pinterest:
  • Zendesk:


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