Miscellaneous questions

The file in my basket is not high quality, what should I do?

The quality of the file visible in your basket is deliberately poor to avoid any fraudulent usage. This PDF is to allow you to check and proofread your text. To ensure your photos/text are high quality, refer to the PDF provided before the basket stage (after personalisation).

How can I contact customer services?

You can reach out to our customer services department via the contact form by clicking here.

Are envelopes provided?

Envelopes are free for all invitations, thank you cards and postal reply cards. For all other items, they are optional in the basket.

How do I use a special offer code?

Enter the code into the box when checking out your basket. If this does not work, check the validity conditions (date, product, minimum quantity, etc.). Please note that offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers

Our ribbons

Some of our invitations come with ribbons included that cannot be altered. For other items, you can choose your ribbon as an optional extra. The ribbons are sold in packs of 10 and the price varies depending on the size and type of ribbon.

C02 neutral labelled machinery

A label granted to companies that have defined a viable CO2 reduction strategy.

Greener inks for the planet

Our workshop only uses certified, compostable and biodegradable inks.

100% recyclable packaging

Your orders are delivered in 100% recycled material-made packages.

A sustainable paper policy

All our papers are FSC certified, with the option of 100% recycled fibres paper available on a wide selection of our designs

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