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Choosing the menu for your wedding can be as exciting as picking your venue or your dress!

Your wedding meal is sure to be a magnificent occasion, and you can make it even more memorable with the Cotton Bird collection. Meals amongst friends and family already have a way of spreading joy, but you can make your wedding menu cards the icing on the cake.

Why You Need a Wedding Card Menu

Your wedding card menu plays an important role in your reception as it tells guests what kind of food and wine to expect, and it sets the tone for the rest of the event. Get guests excited to eat, drink and be merry with these beautiful cards.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding menus are so much more than just pretty cards. There are also some extremely practical benefits to placing these menus on your tables.

Benefits of Having Wedding Card Menus

Wedding menu cards can:

Keep Your Guests Informed

Your guests can feel more settled and comfortable knowing exactly when the food will arrive, what kind of food it will be, and in what order it will be served.

By the time the ceremony is over and everyone has sat down, they may be tired, hungry, or dealing with grumpy children. Having a wedding menu card informs them of what to expect and enables them to attend to their own or their children's needs more effectively.

Prevent Allergy Issues

If one of your guests has an allergy or dietary restriction, a wedding menu gives them time to alert a waitron and take the appropriate actions to ensure their safety and comfort.

It's always important to try and find out if there are any serious allergies or dietary restrictions present beforehand. But a wedding card menu will act as an additional buffer for any information that slipped through the cracks.

Enhance Your Theme

Wedding menu cards importantly set the tone for the food your guests are about to eat. For example, if the meal includes seafood, you could use a nautical theme. Or if the meal is classical French cuisine, you could opt for a classical French design to get them in the mood.

How To Present Your Wedding Card Menu

The practical value of a wedding card menu is that it provides information to the guests about what food, drinks, and dessert they are going to be served. However, these little cards also add special charm to any table, especially when you use ones that complement your wedding decor.

What To Include On Your Wedding Menu Card

Generally, wedding cards include the following information:

CottonBird's wedding card menus all require personalisation, and this allows you to add even more intimacy to the meal. Everyone loves a personalised card, and they can take it home with them as a memento of this treasured celebratory day.

Whether your wedding is bright and bohemian or chic and minimalistic, adding a unique wedding menu card to your guest's table will serve as a delightful and memorable detail of the day you say “I do".

Where To Place Your Wedding Card Menu

Wedding guests like to know what's going to happen as soon as they sit down. An attractive wedding card menu placed on or above their plate gives them something to read while they wait for their food, and adds a welcomed little detail to the table décor.

Make Your Wedding Card Menu Uniquely You

Your wedding day should reflect the style, values, and personality of you and your partner. Adding unique design elements to everything from the bouquet to the lighting is not only a fun and creative process, it also advertises your new identity as a couple to the rest of the world.

Personalisation forms a huge part of what we do as a premium stationery and décor supplier. At Cotton Bird, we believe that the more you add your personal touch, the happier and more gratifying your event will be.

The range of wedding card themes we print is all designed to be visually stunning yet flexible enough for your details to complement them. We set the stage, and you are the star of the show.

But it can be hard to find a design that truly marries well with your unique style – which is why we have developed an extensive and constantly growing variety of theme options for you to choose from.

From edgy, bold, chic designs to the classical vintage, there is bound to be a wedding card menu theme that puts the cherry on top of your wedding. Browse through our long list of wedding menu card ideas to spark your inspiration and find something that brings you joy.

Sustainability Makes for a Spectacular Wedding

In this day and age, sustainability is a topic we all need to talk about, especially when it comes to throwing a big event like a wedding. We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and our 100% French-made designs are custom-made by locally-based in-house designers.

We are also committed to a sustainable approach to production and distribution, keeping our processes as eco-friendly and non-toxic as possible. This not only ensures a better quality product but also allows you to enjoy your wedding with a clearer conscience and a spring in your step.

Get Inspired with Uniquely You Wedding Menu Cards

We love finding creative ways to add enjoyment, delight, and value to your wedding experience. Wedding menu cards add a thoughtful touch to any table and help guests build up excitement about their delicious upcoming meal.

There are a vast number of stunning wedding menu card options on our website, ranging from fabulously floral to avant-garde, quirky and vintage. Our range of design options has been created with every style and aesthetic in mind so that you can enjoy a personalised wedding that feels uniquely you.

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