Personalised Christmas gifts

Discover our little customisable favours, perfect as a gift to your loved-ones for the holidays.

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Not sure what to choose? Would you like to lend a hand to your loved ones who will celebrate a happy event soon? A Cotton Bird gift card will surely please them! 

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Christmas is a time for celebrating friends, family, and other loved ones and appreciating the little things in life. So, what better way to show your love for someone than with a gift that has a more personal touch? Instead of opting for something universal, a personalised gift shows intimacy, connection, and relationship.

Cotton Bird’s customisable gift ideas can include loved ones’ names, a special message, and even photos of your most precious shared memories. These are gifts that loved ones of every age can appreciate.


A Personalised Gift For Everyone


Choose the gifts that suit the recipient and stuff their Christmas stocking full of love this festive season! Your options include:


Decadent chocolate bar


Everyone loves chocolate, especially when it has their name written on it. Cotton Bird’s range of high quality organic chocolate bars come wrapped in a beautiful, sturdy cardboard box complete with a customisable inscription and the option to add a personal photo.

The chocolate is 73% dark chocolate, made from Papua New Guinean cacao beans. A truly refined treat, these personalised chocolate bars can be broken up into 16 equal squares of goodness. Choose between a wide variety of different illustration themes, and the Cotton Bird design team will do the rest.


Beautiful biscuit box


While we’re on the topic of refined treats, let’s talk about Cotton Bird’s darling box of biscuits. Christmas baking is a hallmark holiday activity, but not everyone has the time to make their own. That’s where this yummy customisable gift comes in.

These buttery, crumbly biscuits are made with high quality ingredients for a comforting, homemade feel. The boxes they arrive in are made from food-safe matte paper cardboard and decorated with illustrations, text, and a photo (optionally) chosen by you.


Sentimental mini album


Shared a lot of sweet memories with a friend or family member? A mini album could be the perfect gift for them. Small enough to send in the post or pop into a stocking yet bursting with profound sentimentality, this mini album makes a memorable gift.

Complete with a soft cotton pouch, Cotton Bird’s mini album is the perfect way to connect with loved ones on an emotional level. Whether they are young or old, this beautiful little album is bound to capture hearts.


Gorgeous gift tags


We always tend to need a lot of stationery to get through the Christmas-wrapping season. Instead of using generic labels on your gifts this year, why not add a personal touch by ordering a batch of your own?

Choose between personal photographs and a selection of exquisitely designed illustrations to deliver that classical holiday feel. Printed on satin matte paper, these gift tags are an original solution to the paper bits that often get discarded after Christmas day.

With pre-punched holes and the option to add a personalised message, these gift tags will not just delight your family and friends, but help with organising presents, too!


Superb stickers


Another equally useful and beautifully personalised item to get this Christmas are Cotton Bird’s stickers. They’re small and highly versatile, allowing you to stick them onto just about any gift you like – as well as on other items like party cups, cutlery holders, or other essential hospitality items.

These stickers come in a huge variety of different colours, themes, aesthetics and designs, enabling you to pick ones that reflect the unique flair of your family or friendship circle.


Aromatic apothecary candles


Candles are a Christmas time staple for those in the Northern hemisphere. Representing heart and hearth, an apothecary candle brings warmth and comfort to any home during the Christmas season. Even better – they smell great, too.

These beautiful candles come in an amber-coloured glass and high quality cardboard box, the latter of which can be printed with a photograph of your choosing. This adds a sentimental touch to the gift, giving loved ones something to remember you by when they light it.

Additionally, Cotton Bird’s apothecary candles can feature a short, personal Christmas wish. They also come available in the soft, gentle aroma of white fig.


Customised calendars


Cotton Bird has a broad range of different seasonal calendars for you to choose from. Both practical and visually engaging, some of the most popular calendar types include:

Calendars make wonderful Christmastime gifts due to the time of year. Soon, a new year will begin, and people across the globe will need to track the coming weeks and months. A personalised calendar keeps your loved ones nearby, no matter where you are in the world.


Personalisation Is Perfection


It’s wonderful to receive a Christmas gift that has a little piece of “you” inside it. It communicates a sense of love and trust between you and the giver, making you feel recognised and appreciated for your unique personality.

This Christmas, instead of reaching for some expensive socks, give your loved ones something that reflects a part of your relationship with them. Whether it’s a calendar filled with tender memories or a candle scented with their favourite aroma, give the gift of personalisation.

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