Custom design service

For a unique creation, entrust the advanced customisation of your design to a cotton bird graphic designer!  

How It Works:

  1. Begin by selecting the "Custom design service" option on your product page.

  2. Fill out and submit the form with your design requirements

  3. Proceed to checkout and complete your order. You are purchasing a custom design service along with your stationery. Please note, our Custom design service option is not eligible for promotions.

  4. Within 72 hours, your dedicated designer will commence crafting your custom design and present you with an initial mock-up in your customer account. They will work directly with you to incorporate your feedback until everything is perfect.

Personalise Your Design to Suit Your vision:

Add Your Personal Touch:

  • Photos and Drawings: Incorporate your own photos or drawings, as long as they are copyright-free or your own creation. Alternatively, we can work from your ideas using our visuals.

  • Background Colors: Change the background color for a unique look.

  • Icons: Modify icons to better match your style.

Tailor the Format:

  • Custom Formats: Choose from the formats we offer to find the one that suits you best.

  • Adapt the foil: Opt for the foil that reflects your taste.

Enhance with Additional Details:

  • QR Code: Include a QR code on your card for instant access to all the important details of your event.

  • Custom Plan: Add a plan with an HDF image provided by you or let us redesign the plan for you.

  • Color of elements: Adjust the color of certain design elements for perfect harmony.

  • Foreign Language Text: Add text in the language of your choice.

Transform our models with your ideas for a result that truly reflects you!

What We Cannot Modify:

  • Collaborative Designs: Due to copyright reasons, designs resulting from our collaborations cannot be altered.

  • Exclusive Characters: Some of our characters cannot be modified with this option. If you wish to make changes, our customer service is here to assist and evaluate your request.

We are delighted to offer you customisation options that respect our original creations. For any questions or specific requests, our customer service is at your service!


Designer’s review

What is the Designer’s Review option?

The Designer’s review means you can hand your order over to our teams to guarantee your personalisation is perfect. Our eagle-eyed checkers will look at your design in detail in terms of layout and photo quality, and will correct minor errors to ensure your stationery is flawless.


What services are included in this option?

With the Designer’s review, our teams will carefully check the following:

  • Layout: alignment and legibility of text, consistency of typefaces and colours, order of information, overall appeal of your design.
  • Typing rules: upper case, punctuation, hyphenation, line breaks, etc.
  • Photographs: checking the quality and positioning of the photographs used, adjusting the light and contrast, correcting minor imperfections.
  • Quality control: checking the quality of the printing, cutting and scoring, and a final proofread.
  • Please note that syntax and spelling are not included in this review. 

How does the Designer’s review work?

Once your order is confirmed, our team will check all the elements within around 48 working hours. The layout, fonts, and photographs will be rigorously inspected to ensure your stationery is flawless.

We respect your personal data (address, telephone number, dates, etc.) as well as syntax and spelling will not be checked.

If the corrections are minor, our graphic designers will deal with them. You will receive an email informing you that your order is being produced.

If we have reservations about the layout, consistency of the details given or the quality of your photographs when printed, our team will contact you.

In this case, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to log onto your account to check your corrected mock-up. Don't forget to check your spam folder so you don't miss our email!

Having been checked by our teams, your order will be available in your account > orders. You can view our comments and amendments, before deciding to approve or refuse them and/or add your own notes if necessary.

Once you have approved the design, it will be sent for printing. 

Please note that if your order includes several personalised designs, they will all be checked as part of the Designer’s review.


Will it take longer to process my order if I use the Designer’s review?

Our team will check your order in detail to ensure it is exactly right. With this in mind, please allow an extra 48 working hours (approximately) to process your order.


How much does this option cost?

The cost of the Designer’s review varies depending on the type of stationery:

  • Wedding: £9 for 2 items of stationery / accessories and decoration
    • £15 for over 2 items of stationery / accessories and decoration
  • Birth, Christening, Communion, Birthday: £7 (Regardless of the quantity of items ordered)


How do I select the Designer’s review?

The Designer’s review is offered from your basket itself. Simply tick the box to select this additional service.

C02 neutral labelled machinery

A label granted to companies that have defined a viable CO2 reduction strategy.

Greener inks for the planet

Our workshop only uses certified, compostable and biodegradable inks.

100% recyclable packaging

Your orders are delivered in 100% recycled material-made packages.

A sustainable paper policy

All our papers are FSC certified, with the option of 100% recycled fibres paper available on a wide selection of our designs

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