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There’s something undeniably wonderful about a classically themed wedding. The soft fabrics, perfumed flowers, and grand atmosphere all contributes to a memorable celebration that people of all ages can enjoy. But keeping things simple can be harder than it looks – and it all starts with the right invitation.

A classic wedding invitation not only lets guests know that they’re in for a real traditional treat, but it also serves the all-important purpose of providing clear information about the event itself.

What every sophisticated wedding invitation needs

If you’re going to go the classic route, you’ve got to pay a lot of attention to detail. Classical themes are typically simple but elegant – meaning there is no room for error. Fortunately, when you order a set of wedding invitations from Cotton Bird, they do all the work for you.

Amidst the wide variety of beautiful design options to choose from, there are some elements that should always be present on any invite. Specific details about the venue, date, time and other information are key to curating a successful and sophisticated wedding.

That’s why, every classic wedding invitation from Cotton Bird always includes:

Cotton Bird takes wedding stationery very seriously, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than providing the right details and picking your favourite theme. After that, it’s onto the customisation phase – where you get to pick everything from borders to embossments to little wax seals.

Customisation Is The Key To Class: Adding A Personal Touch To Your Stationery

Being able to customise your wedding stationery offers a huge advantage. You get the privilege of shaping and designing the finishing touches of your invitations, making them personal and unique.

When you choose Cotton Bird for your invitations, you may have the option to choose from a broad variety of little details, some of which include:

These final details are what will make your classic wedding invitations stand out amongst the ground and establish your celebration as one that nobody should miss.

4 Tips For Keeping It Classy At Your Wedding

A classical wedding is often the most memorable because of its delightful simplicity. Free from gaudy distractions, classical elements are able to display their subtle charm more clearly. But sticking to a classic theme can be difficult at times, so here are four tips to support your planning process.

1. Limit your colour palette

There are so many beautiful colours, but you don't need to include all of them in your big day. Instead of letting yourself go colour-crazy, develop a limited colour palette and encourage yourself to stick with it.

Some of the most traditional “classic” colours include ivory, muted greens and blues, blush pink, lilac, and neutral, earthy tones like beige and ochre. But no matter which colours you choose, the most important things are that you love them and that they complement each other.

2. Simplicity is the height of sophistication

Sometimes, less is more. And this old saying is certainly true when hosting a classical wedding. Being intentional about the scale and style of your wedding décor is a great way to exercise control and create a wedding look that is both elegant and sophisticated.

3. Use one venue for the whole day

Using one venue for both your wedding ceremony and reception isn’t just the classical thing to do, it’s also more practical in so many ways.

When you stay at one location for the duration of your event, you can spare yourself a lot of time and energy, leaving you and your partner with more time to enjoy your big day. Plus, it’s easier for friends and family to move between the two parts of the celebration without driving between them.

4. Create a vision and stay true to it

When it comes down to it, the key to having a spectacular wedding is to stay true to your unique vision. your wedding day should represent a moment in time that you and your fiancé will remember for the rest of your lives – so don’t compromise on what makes you truly happy.

There’s nothing quite like a classic fairytale wedding

Classic, traditional weddings are an absolute joy to attend. While others may prefer a more unconventional approach, opting for the tried and true varieties of wedding stationery and décor is the stuff that many young people dream of when they think of growing up and tying the knot.

Classic wedding invitations can give you that dream-come-true feeling that you’re officially getting married. So, as you embark on the planning and organisational phase of your big day, remember to follow your instincts and choose stationery that embodies everything you love about elegance and class.

Cotton Bird’s invitations are custom-made with care and delivered to you, making it even easier to bring your fairytale dream of a classic wedding to life!

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