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NEW Colour-in place mats (all gold!)

Your children’s favourite birthday themes are taking life on our new colour-in place mats. Our illustrators have imagined scenes full of fantasy and details so that the little artists could express their creativity without ever getting bored. An artistic workshop that will allow a little quiet time... for the parents' delight! At the end of the party, each child will bring their place mat home as a souvenir!



When your child completes another year of growth, it is always worth celebrating. Birthdays mark important milestones in any child’s life and throwing them a party is a great way to encourage socialisation, engagement, and safe, expressive fun amongst close friends.

But finding high quality kids' birthday party supplies can be a challenge – which is why Cotton Bird has a line of gorgeous options that can be customised to reflect your child’s unique personality.


Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday With Dazzling Party Supplies


Is there anything more precious than a child’s birthday party? Seeing them run around with their little friends, munching on cake and giggling with joy. It’s enough to make any parent’s heart melt. But beautiful, quality party supplies can make a kid’s birthday even more treasurable.

Being able to customise your child’s birthday goodies gives the party a special twist that revels in their unique personality. It can also be useful for distinguishing different children’s items, such as name hats and individual placemats. Any parent who has thrown a kid’s birthday party knows how useful this is!

Customisation brings with it many benefits. Easier planning, less chance of mix-ups, and a true celebration of individuality. To make this a reality and ensure you have all the kids’ birthday party supplies that you need, Cotton Bird has a wonderful range of:


Paper Cups


Glass cups are too dangerous for kids to handle, and plastic ones can be bad for the environment. Paper cups, however, are the perfect combination of safe and recyclable. With the option of either white paper or brown Kraft paper, Cotton Bird’s party cups are both adorable and functional.

Perfectly sized for little hands to grasp, these paper cups will help your child and their party guests to quench their thirst with ease. Each cup you order comes with a sticker label featuring a design of your choice. From enchanted forests to fuzzy animals, there’s a design choice that works for every child.


Napkin Rings


Napkins are a staple item for any kid’s birthday party. As sticky hands find their way across the table, napkins should be readily available to keep fingers and surfaces smooth and clean.

Cotton Bird’s napkin rings help keep those mini serviettes in place, making them easy to disperse across a table, and keeping each napkin clean and ready for use. These little rings are made out of standard matte paper and include clear glue dots to help them stay in place.




Making your own decorations but want something cute and versatile to tie it all together? Customisable kids' birthday party stickers could be your solution. Put these adorable little stickers onto birthday invitations, party cups, or gift bags to add a charming, unique touch to the party atmosphere.


Place Mats


Adorable, customised place mats add a decorative element to your child’s birthday party while simultaneously protecting the table from spills and accidents - which as any parent knows, is likely to be a common occurrence.

Our gorgeous range of place mats comes in all sorts of colours and shapes, allowing you to pick those that suit the tone of the party and the personality of your child. To make things even better, many of the place mats available from Cotton Bird are also colouring-in pages, so your little ones will stay entertained.




Bunting adds festivity and fun to just about any event. And a kids' birthday party is certainly no exception! Strung onto either blonde or white and gold baker’s twine, these cute little paper flags will add a lovely backdrop to your child’s party while they play with their friends.

The flags themselves are customisable and are available in lots of different styles and designs for you to choose from. They also come with the option of adding swaying Ecru pom poms, making the bunting even more cheerful and party-friendly.


Cake Toppers


The cutting and eating of the birthday cake is usually the main event of any kid’s party. But with some show-stopping cake toppers, this special moment will be made even more beautiful and memorable.

Cotton Bird’s flag-like cake toppers are made with either standard matte paper or recyclable paper for a child-friendly decoration. Customisable on both sides, you can add a special message or simply add your child’s name and birthday details for a childhood keepsake that lasts more than just one day.


Gift Tags


If stickers aren’t really your thing, old-fashioned paper gift tags might be a more appropriate way to put your stamp on your kid’s birthday party décor. With the option of soft ribbon or baker’s twine, you can loop these customisable gift tags onto gifts, party bags, and everything in between.


Give Your Child A Birthday To Remember


Celebrating your child’s birthday should be a relaxed and joyous occasion. With the right decorations, you can turn any space into a spectacular wonderland, giving your child a magical day to remember.

Cotton Bird’s customisable range of kids’ birthday party decorations makes celebrating every year special. All you need to do is select the items you want to personalise and place your order. We deliver to the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, making planning your kid’s party easier than ever.

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