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People have been getting married for thousands of years – and that means a few of our traditions have gotten a little timeworn. Some people love the classic feel of a traditional wedding, but increasingly, couples are opting for more chic, modern wedding theme choices.

One way to showcase a more contemporary side is to use modern wedding invitations and stationery. With original, unconventional designs, your wedding will be anything but old-fashioned.

What Defines A Modern Wedding?

The word “modern” refers to anything that is current or recent in cultural history. Modern weddings are typically more embracing of current fashion, design, or décor trends. This creates a sophisticated atmosphere that allows for much more flexibility and uniqueness than traditional weddings do.

Personalisation Is The Key To A Contemporary Wedding

In the past, traditional weddings did not allow for much flexibility or self-expression. But in the world of today, there is a little more legroom for couples to express their unique take on marriage celebrations.

Choosing modern wedding invitations sets the tone for the rest of your big day, and gives you and your partner the opportunity to showcase your unique personalities in a fresh light. Cotton Bird offers a wide range of creative and contemporary designs, allowing for more individual personalisation.

What Kind Of Modern Wedding Invitations Does Cotton Bird Offer?

The designers behind Cotton Bird’s wedding invitation designs are dedicated to providing an extensive variety of options for engaged couples to choose from. Some of the modern options include:

With these customisable and creative options, every couple can find a modern wedding invitation design that reflects their unique relationship and sets the tone for a wonderfully fresh and sophisticated event. Why choose the traditional option when you can create a modern style that no one else has?

4 Ways To Add Modern Touches To Your Wedding Reception

If you’re wanting to create a more contemporary theme for your wedding invitations, it’s a good idea to keep things consistent by extending a few modern touches to the rest of the celebration. Here are four innovative ways to make your wedding ceremony and reception feel more modern:

1. Go for a mismatched bridal party

Traditionally, the bridal (and groom) parties wear matching outfits. But as wedding traditions have evolved, more and more couples are opting for delightfully mismatched ensembles.

Instead of picking one outfit for all of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to wear, embrace individuality by selecting unique (but still complementary) outfits for them to choose from. For a hint of consistency, make them all the same colour. This can create a very fashionable and striking wedding party look.

2. Pick an unconventional venue

While churches, botanical gardens, and beaches are still stunning places to host a wedding ceremony, they certainly aren’t the only options. Some popular unconventional wedding venues include libraries, art galleries, vineyards, and old castles.

3. Try out a minimalist style

Nothing says modernity like minimalism. If you and your partner are the kind of people who like to keep things feeling fresh and clean, a minimalistic style could be perfect for your wedding. Minimalism can be expressed with a neutral colour palette and simple décor.

4. Choose a modern wedding invitation from Cotton Bird

Wedding invitations set the tone for the ceremony and the celebration. You can let guests know right from the start that your wedding will be uniquely modern by using the right stationery. Cotton Bird’s wedding stationery options are chic, modern, and filled with easy personalisation options.

One of the best things about modern wedding invitations is that they are more flexible and open to interpretation. Tap into your creative side and see how far from tradition you get!

Keep It Current And Couture With Modern Wedding Invitations

With a modern wedding, there is such great potential for self-expression and new ways of defining what a “normal” wedding looks like. Without the pressure to be or look any particular way, you and your partner get to have a wedding that embraces innovation, creativity, and newness.

Modern wedding invitations communicate to guests that this is not your average, traditional nuptials. It’s going to be wonderfully unique– and definitely a celebration to remember!

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